The Poetry Project

Molly Schaeffer

Molly Schaeffer is featured in a portrait-oriented photograph, outside on a floral couch, reclining upright on the couch with her legs coming towards the at an angle. She wears a sundress and is holding a piece of watermelon with her two hands. Behind is a yard with a tall wooden fence, bright green grass and trees, and in the right corner, blue sky and clouds.

Molly Schaeffer has lived in the Hudson Valley, coastal New England, and the Pacific Northwest. Her work has appeared in the anthology Text Means Tissue, as well as several other small press publications. A recent graduate of the Brown University MFA in poetry, she works in writing and visual art, and is a founding editor of the print journal Big Big Wednesday. She currently lives in Tacoma, WA. Her chapbook will be published by MO(O)ON/IO in 2022.