The Poetry Project

Nicole Peyrafitte

Nicole Peyrafitte is shown in a landscape-oriented color photograph, cropped from the shoulders up. She is wearing a black hoodie, enamel glasses, spiral-shaped earrings that look like they're made out of glass, and a came baseball cap that has the NY symbol embroidered in the center of the brow in orange. She is looking in a three-quarters angle, slightly downcast. Behind appears an out-of-focus lake with mountains behind.
© Pierre Joris

Nicole Peyrafitte is Pyrenean-born pluridisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Her practice is led by her passion to learn through a process of immersion and response-ability. Whatever the medium — paintings, films, texts, photographs, workshops or cooking —, these works serve as mementos/reports allowing her to better understand the dynamic symbiotic complexities of the chosen terrain of investigation. They are mostly centered on the perception between other-than-humans & her own physicality.