The Poetry Project

Robin Myers

Robin, a white woman with long brown hair, is sitting on a gray couch against a blue background. She wears clear-framed glasses and a black V-necked blouse stamped with a white pattern. One arm rests on the back of the couch, while the other is extended along the armrest. She wears copper rings on several fingers.
© Nuria Lagarde

Robin Myers is a poet and Spanish-to-English translator. Her latest translations include Copy by Dolores Dorantes (Wave Books), The Dream of Every Cell by Maricela Guerrero (Cardboard House Press), Tonight: The Great Earthquake by Leonardo Teja (PANK Books), and The Book of Explanations by Tedi López Mills (Deep Vellum Publishing). As a poet, her work has recently been published in The Drift, Poetry London, Denver Quarterly, Yale Review, Guesthouse, and selected for the 2022 Best American Poetry anthology. She lives in Mexico City.