The Poetry Project

Sara Jane Stoner

Sara Jane Stoner is featured centered in a portrait-formatted photograph, seated on stone stairs in a park. Her knees are up and placed on them are a book. To her left is a water bottle, to her right a backpack. She is wearing a denim skirt, a black shirt, and smiling at the camera. Behind are trees.

Sara Jane Stoner is a writer, poet, and teacher who currently works in the Architecture Writing Program at Pratt Institute, the New England Literature Program (an experiential learning project and temporary intentional community), as well as New York-based community organizations like the Poetry Project and Wendy’s Subway, along with holding classes virtually from her home. In her practices of reading and writing as actively social experiments in the creation and negotiation of subjects, within and without institutions, the relational recognition and mobilization of desire has always formed a weird center and mysterious periphery in all of her work. Her publications include Experience in the Medium of Destruction (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2015, nominated for a Lambda Award in Poetry), a chapbook “Grief Hour” (published in Black Warrior Review, 2017), the essay “Failing at Subjects” (VIDA, 2017), and forthcoming in 2022, the anti-genre performance text “VNN LIVES” from Gloss Press and an essay, “READING” in The Poetry Project Newsletter.