The Poetry Project

Sherese Francis

Sherese Francis is featured in a landscape-oriented photograph, cropped from the chest up. The photo is closely cropped but it appears that Sherese is crossing their arms in front of their chest. They are leaning on a wall of light blue and light red tiles. The depth of field is focused closely on Sherese so the background is blurry, but it appears they are outside on what looks like a city street. they are wearing a white t-shirt with an indigo button down over it. They are wearing long dangly wire earrings in a wavy design.

Sherese Francis (she/they) is an Alkymist of the I-Magination and expresses her(e)self through poetry, interdisciplinary arts, workshop facilitation, editing and literary curation. Her(e) work has been published in several journals and magazines and Sherese also has published three chapbooks.