The Poetry Project

The Anchoress Syndicate

In this mirror selfie, members of The Anchoress Syndicate stand together in front of a heavily graffitied mirror on a heavily graffitied wall, each looking very cool.

The Anchoress Syndicate is a queer poetry and performance collective comprised of Gia Gonzales, Kamikaze Jones, and Becca Teich. They are the curators and hosts of events such as the annual My Smutty Valentine, a smut xxxtravaganza; Pink Noise, a series of experimental sound art concerts; and, with Nightboat Books, a marathon reading of The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions.

Their debauched and unblushing events incorporate text, performance, and installations that foreground the transgressive, the excessive, and the obscene, while honoring underground queer histories, cultivating DIY community, and prioritizing mutual aid.

Cruise us on Instagram at @anchoress.syndicate and Twitter at @anchoress_syndi