The Poetry Project

Theodore Kerr

A white middle aged man with a mustache stands in a garden. He is wearing a bright orange cap on his head that almost matches the color of his shoes. He is also wearing dark blue pants and a blue camouflage rain coat.  The expression on his face suggests he is kinda goofy.
© Margaret Singer

Theodore (ted) Kerr is a Canadian born, Brooklyn based, writer and organizer. He is the co-author of We Are Having This Conversation Now: The Times of AIDS Cultural Production (Duke University Press, 2022, with Alexandra Juhasz). He curated the 2021 exhibition AIDS, Posters and Stories of Public Health: A People's Pandemic for the National Libraries of Medicine. He is a founding member of the collective What Would an HIV Doula Do? He was one of 4 oral historians who worked on Visual Arts and the AIDS Epidemic: An Oral History Project for the Smithsonian, Archives for American Art in 2017 / 2018. Kerr is an adjunct instructor at The New School and Manhattan College.