The Poetry Project

During Heedsgiving

Emily Martin

Sylvias mirror light reflection and necklace
David’s direct sunlight
SJ’s hands moving
Green hat
Windows and lamps

Police sirens
Neighbors window
Kids outside
Sunlight behind clouds
Volleyball in park

That I’m doing this last
Good temp
Side lamp
Weight on arm
Bent legs

We are together because we have internet connections / we know how to read and sometimes like to read and sometimes like to write, maybe / because we work together but also want to know who each other is outside of work / it’s a Thursday and it’s the evening / we’re not too tired to come after the day

Is everyone audience
Audience audience audience ience ience yence hence slip and slide water park audiyence you are in the band too your instruments are all wet whence they came in the pool too fenced off audience but also mosh pit

Violet asylum – words that go with violet and words that don’t seem to – who goes together – who goes with violet and why violet – it could have been anyone but turned into violet – tiny violets screaming lets go screaming violet you’re turning violet violet who says that is the color it is at the end of the rainbow biv, biv you can find it at the end of the rainbow if you’ll only let it try once or twice violets who goes with you over there who told you not to go over there who goes together and who doesn’t seem to go together when violet goes first and when violet goes

Work from GIVINGHEED / TO / HEEDSGIVING: Dis/Course with Sara Jane Stoner