The Poetry Project

body : garden : word : room

Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola

A photograph on a white page of a stone slab at the edge of water with a plant growing out of a crack and the shadow of a hand reaching towards the plant. Below the image, this poem:
sanguine lines
fragmented (garden)
we the chorus carried by wind
fissures entering flux
move towards disappearance
each gesture
each rock a word word an amulet
of creation each creation is a language
re- vealed
simultaneously formed found lost
plant your request in the earth
exist as a self
for a short interval
then exit
A photograph of the same scene as before, but this time the shadow of the hand is wide open, with the fingers spreading out. Below the photo, this poem: 
vernacular phenomenon this temporal
which room are we in?

Work from GIVINGHEED / TO / HEEDSGIVING: Dis/Course with Sara Jane Stoner