The Poetry Project

#109--November 1984

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Editor: Tim Dlugos


  • "Kirby Doyle: That Which Brings the Heart to Vocal" by Raymond Foye
  • "Female Trouble" by Eileen Myles
  • "Who Speaks for Us: Being an Expert" by Robert Gluck
  • "April in Paris...And Small Presses Are Blossoming" by Julie Guettlinger

Book Reviews:

  • Selected Poems by Octavio Paz; reviewed by Jaime Manrique
  • Movement in Black by Pat Parker; reviewed by Patricia Jones
  • Tribute to Freud by H.D.; reviewed by Barbara Guest

Art Reviews:

  • The New Diana by Kenneth Koch (at Minor Latham Playhouse); reviewed by Steven Hall


  • "A Short Session of Metaphysical Culture" by Gherasmin Luca, trans. Edward Lucie-Smith
  • "Sonnet" by David Trinidad
  • "Scrambled Maps" by Tibor Papp


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