The Poetry Project

#145a--April-May 1992

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Editor: Lynn Crawford


  • "Consumer Response" by Michael Brownstein
  • "RAP Since 1960: From Political Ideology to Popular Culture" by Kofi Natambu

Book Reviews:

  • Bendable Siege by Albert Mobilio; reviewed by Richard Grazide
  • Big City Primer, by John Yau; reviewed by Joe Donahue
  • Edwin Torrews Flux (with) U.s.: I heard Things People Haven't Really Said by Edwin Torres; reviewed by Christian Haye
  • Just Space: Poems 1979-1989 by Joanne Kyger; reviwed by Tom Clark
  • Licking the Fun Up and Other Works by Max Blagg; reviwed by David L. Ulin
  • Love Uncut, Poems: 1986 by Bill Kushner; reviewed by Maggie Dubris and Elinor Nauen
  • New York Hello by Vincent Katz and Rudy Burckhardt; reviewed by Susie Timmons
  • The Simplicity of the Unexpected Without Warning by Patricia Donegan; reviewed by Pat Nolan


  • "Drinking from the Weirdwomans Glas" by Gail Schilke
  • "Eve" by Mike Topp
  • "Eyes Beyond the Border" by Indran Amirthanayagam
  • "Holding One Another in Suspense" by Barbara Einzig
  • "Hey Baby"by Maggie Estep
  • "Leaves Half Fallen" by Mitch Vranich
  • "Negocio as Usual" by Ed Morales


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