The Poetry Project

#197--December/January 2003-4

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Editor: Marcella Durand


  • "On Xul Solar" by Cecilia Vicuña
  • "The Poet's Horoscope" by Madame Blahblahvlatsky


  • Anne Waldman interviewed by Marcella Durand


  • Reading Reports

Book Reviews:

  • The Pisan Cantos and Poems and Translations by Ezra Pound; reviewed by Brian Kim Stefans
  • Last One Out by Deborah Richards; reviewed by Jerrold Shiroma
  • Instan by Cecilia Vicuña; reviewed by Mónica de la Torre
  • Platform by Rodrigo Toscano; reviewed by Drew Gardner
  • Pollen Memory by Laynie Browne; reviewed by Lorraine Graham
  • Indiana, Indiana (The Dark and Lovely Potions of the Night) by Laird Hunt; reviewed by Jo Ann Wasserman
  • At An Intersection by Michael Ruby; reviewed by Sam Truitt
  • In the Hairy Arms of Whitman by Bill Kushner; reviewed by Katie Degentesh


  • "The Suffering of Animals." by Nikolai Zabolotsky, trans. Eugene Ostashevsky
  • excerpt from "Structure of the World Compared to a Bubble" by Anne Waldman


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