The Poetry Project

Letter from the Editor

Marwa Helal

Anotha one.

The a/c was on blast as we began envisioning this issue and now, as we finalize, it’s dropped a good twenty degrees and raining outside. Here I am talking about the weather when there’s so much more interesting stuff to read…. just grateful it’s fall and that we’re here.
The latest for you:

  1. Welcome our new Executive Director Kyle Dacuyan! And the office firefly :) on page 5.

  2. Imani Elizabeth Jackson and Vanessa Jimenez Gabb with poems on pages 7 and 11.

  3. Roberto Montes comes through again with those ever-relevant po-biz GRIEVANCES on page 12. Follow him on twitter @RobertoGMontes for more.

  4. Maryam Afaq’s art is clearly a poet’s work; a poet’s heart. I hope you clip these pieces and post them somewhere you can see them everyday. Starting on page 14.

  5. Reviews on page 22! Featuring Carrie Lorig on Ella Longpre’s How To Keep You Alive, Timothy Otte on Alexis Pope’s That Which Comes After, and Rahsaan Mahadeo on Jasmine Gibson and Madison Van Oort’s Time Theft: A Love Story.

Also shoutout Reviews Editor John Rufo’s coining the term “appositional noise,” for this gorgeous and insightful Reviews intro.

And finally, an interview with Ammiel Alcalay (page 22) — which Kyle and I agree, can only be described as FIRE.

Until the next.

#256 — October/November 2018