The Poetry Project

#87 — January 1982

- Readings
- Announcements
- Poems: Days Later and Fear With Me by Ted Greenwald; The Lines by Susan Noel; Wing by Jim Hanson; Little Poem and BAR-B-QUE by Pat Nolan; Elephant Closing Time and Lawrence by Clark Coolidge; Untitled by Tom Clark; The Visit by Sandy Berrigan; Someone Is Pulling My Leg by Denyse King; Anonymous Hands by Bob Rosenthal; The West Side Highway by Charles North; Tin Ladle by Bonnie Frazer; Sam Cooke on the Nantucket Ferry by Sam Abrams; It by Rafael Lorenzo.
- Books and Magazines Received
- Reviews: Waltzing Matilda by Simon Schuchat; A Few Swimmers Appear by Kevin Jeffery Clarke; The Beats: Essays in Criticism by Arthur Winfield Knight; Yellow Lola (formerly titled Japanese Neon) by John Daley; The Heroes and Shopping and Waiting by Greg Masters.
- Interviews: Interview with Christopher Isherwood by Chris Kraus.
- Editor: Greg Masters

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