The Poetry Project

Four Poems

Sophia Dahlin

Prismr of Love

I am all a lizard

plated muscle
adjusts and I like

I lick it

I like sunlight

but scourge of the pallid
makes pink red

sours eyes
but my dizzied

my darling

whole lion

one wonders why am I
mugged or mugger

again my wallet sucks
my holes have holes halve

to avoid
to void to hole up

for a while w/baby
for the winter

a day’s rubbery
that makes flowers dubious

and the ground glad
because an elastic life

it’s an elastic life
because spring

combats the silvery

w/its temperature

till the summer fluster us
I let my rock

flex its muscle

which gleamy muscle’s

Let Go Swimming

fairies are space
between us and natch

which is the most

the mysterious, like
wet fire

where but it’s air
full air

the full air between plants and people

on the leaf

or the sunset feelings

the thoughts of a mountain
puts a perspective

or how water makes it calm
like a sob is being done for us

all the glit
that outlines the silhouette

light is special

when there isn’t a baby
the body is halfsies

it’s not fairies

fairies are money

I’m A Ninny

Someday my punishment will come
like a hamburger skidding down
a zinc countertop.

How still we’ll be
me lollipopped on my paunchy stool
some bun stacked red with the glam of death
what was made for me is mine.

Oh last night the priest in the mirror said
You were lovely but you were bad
the doorhinge pinched my hand.

I sang Who am I that ye condemn us
the door Pity pity babe repent
thou’art flickering yet art thyself

I have not read the signs but have been told

whereto they jab. Hunger
or what I want to be hunger roils
in what I want to be my belly but

is not, I go forth ravenous and stay
out past the patience of my fellows
pivoting in the glow of the juke corner

humming on a buddy’s shoulderblade, oh who’ll
pity me if what undoes me is so nice.

If I’m warmed by heat that rises from my scrapes.

If my medicine is fetishes, you ask
where it hurts and my slow smile spoils my There

no cure for who I was but who I am.

Lovely Heart

I leave my wallet on the lawn

then my heart changes

blue wire in the grass
red wire yellow wire sic

my brother Sam
make sparkles

born clean

but got dirt on though
a money holds me

home and house together
else my home’d

fit in my mother
clipped grass does wet

tally on my bare leghairs
certainly green my wet

housed feels

skulled uh

I can buy carelessness

but I can’t unimplicate that action

oh and I can’t buy freedom
but I can denude my wishlist

and get just
very personal

with my favorites
I don’t know

is polyamory anticapitalist

or is it she said greedy
I said sure

and generous
so generous

as to take the self apart

to lie under my lovers fucking
being like

it’s what it’s like
to be a back

Issue 12