The Poetry Project


Anelise Chen & Ben Fama

Anelise Chen and Ben Fama are painters of present architectures — parking lots, interstates, gyms — with all their grand and subtle voids, thick with longing and alienation. They remind us that stress and desire both ask for release. What might come next is more of a mystery.

Ben will be screening the following films: “Occult Symbolism of the Holy Grail Myth” (a film by Mara McKevitt, score by Via App); “The Pool” (a film by Mara McKevitt); “Leo” (s film by Samantha Sutcliffe, feat. Lydia Sviatoslavsky); and “Blue Dot” (a film by Will Rahilly)

Featuring guest introductions by Zoe Brezsny and Eugene Lim

Anelise Chen’s reading will be livestreamed for free on The Poetry Project's YouTube channel. The screening portion of the evening will not be livestreamed.