The Poetry Project


Spring 2024 Workshop Reading

Like cosmic radio stations, Poetry Project workshops broadcast out immense creative energy, inviting in sweet and wild opportunities for collaboration, experimentation, and play. Please join us in celebrating the work of the poets and writers who make this exceptional community so vibrant and irresistible!

Featuring readings from participants of Ama Birch; Mayra Rodríguez Castro; Chia-Lun Chang; Corina Copp; Rachel James; and Nora Treatbaby and Rosie Stockton’s workshops — Ana Cecilia Alvarez; Samuel Breslin; Robert Carey; Ry Dunn; Paola Belén Fernández; Jamondria Harris; Samantha Hinds; Tatum Howey; Sarah ingle; mace dent johnson; Mic Jones; Ivetta Sunyoung Kang; Vex Kaztro; Anika M. Kowalik; Claire Laurence; Ryan Nowlin; __ORSHI; Darian Razdar; Michael Seward; Kendra Sullivan; alma valdez-garcia & imogen xtian smith; Antonio Vargas-Nieto; zhan_raw.; and others TBA