The Poetry Project


LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs & Anne Waldman

© Ivanna Baranova

What counter-geographies and subterranean archives does the poet assemble? In their recent works — Village and Bard, Kinetic, both out with Coffee House Press — LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Anne Waldman trace related constructions of place and memory, the imperiled and essential wavelengths at the edge that propel and hold our communities across time. Voices full of voices travel ecstatic distance in these poems and records of friends and generations.

Featuring a guest introduction by Jennifer Firestone.


We hope you can join us at 7:00PM for a reception before the event. The reading will begin at 8:00PM. Masks will be optional while enjoying drinks and company during the reception but will be required once the reading begins.


Masks are required at all Poetry Project events unless otherwise specifically noted. If you forget to bring your mask, we are happy to provide you with one. We also encourage all event attendees to take a rapid test the day of the event before heading to the church.

This in-person event will also be livestreamed via The Poetry Project's YouTube. Livestream captions will be available via a StreamText link or the CC button on YouTube's player.