The Poetry Project


Robert Glück & Megan Milks

© Ivanna Baranova

Please join The Poetry Project and Roof Books in celebrating the publication of Robert Glück's I, Boombox!

“Start a genital uprising,” Robert Glück writes early in I, Boombox (Roof, 2023), an “autobiography in which he dreams on the page.” If, like in the classic example of the Freudian slip, mistakes in what anybody reads and hears are a thinly veiled index of desire, then Glück treats that slippage as something social, public and collectively authored rather than a marker of individual perversion. Glück aligns with Megan Milks’s writing in the shared understanding that it’s the world that’s sick, although you might be the one experiencing the symptom. Milks’s fiction and essays assign a queasy eroticism to everyday life—but it probably was there anyway, so thank god they noticed it for you.

Featuring a guest introduction by Shiv Kotecha


We hope you can join us at 7:00PM for a reception before the event. The reading will begin at 8:00PM. Masks will be optional while enjoying drinks and company during the reception but will be required once the reading begins.


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