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Foraging for Radical Intimacies in Writing — 5-Session Workshop with Angel Dominguez

© Ivanna Baranova

Foraging for Radical Intimacies in Writing is a 5-session generative writing workshop geared towards the creation and cultivation of new works. Participants will engage with a variety of works across artistic disciplines and genres as a means of defining and expanding this sense of radical intimacies in writing. Together, we’ll gather our collective energies / archives / dreams / field-notes / spirits to discuss various artists, poets, projects, and practices, as well as a myriad of exercises, explorations, and experiments to further deepen our approaches to craft. Participants should arrive ready to dream aloud and forage energetic nourishment and foundational familiarities across these 5 sessions. Participants will also be able to receive written feedback on their work throughout the duration of the course. How will we change our lives in writing, together?


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