The Poetry Project


Obtuse Angles, Tentative Skies, Awkward Chops — 5-Session Workshop with Edmund Berrigan

© Ivanna Baranova

Quotidian truths are a time saver, but the obtuseness of experience only seems to grow with age. There are often truths one seeks that are beyond understanding, or appear where one isn't searching. How do poets grapple with such limitations to reach out and come away with new meaning? How can one leave space for the unknown, or conjure it from the fragments of knowledge we do have? What is the value of nonunderstanding? We will look specifically at short poem forms, both individually and as smaller units of larger explorations, looking to draw inspiration from the use of collisions, collage, and negative space in attempts to say the unsayable, and to make a language art that can surpass our limitations.


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