The Poetry Project

Ethan Philbrick

Ethan is featured in a landscape-formatted photograph, seated leaning against a picnic table. Ethan is wearing a blue button down. The photo is cropped from the waist up. His arms are folded across his chest and he is looking at the camera and smiling. Soft light filters across his face and shirt from the trees above and in the background.

Ethan Philbrick is an interdisciplinary artist, cellist, and writer who uses music, performance, text, and video to investigate the politics of historical archives and locate alternative ways of being, doing, and thinking together. Recent projects include Choral Marx at NYU Skirball (2018), 10 Meditations in an Emergency at The Poetry Project and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (2019/2020), March is for Marches with Morgan Bassichis at Triple Canopy (2019), Disordo Virtutum at Museum of Art and Design (2020), Slow Dances at The Kitchen Video Viewing Room (2020), and The Gay Divorcees at the One Archives at USC (2021). Philbrick’s writing has been published in academic journals such as ASAP/Journal, PAJ, Studies in Gender and Sexuality, TDR, and Women and Performance. Philbrick holds a PhD in performance studies from New York University and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of performance studies at Muhlenberg College.