The Poetry Project

Noelle de la Paz

Noelle de la Paz is shown in a portrait-oriented black and white photograph cropped from the chest up. The image is cropped closely around her figure with little background visible. She appears to be leaning her elbow on a table but it is just out of frame. She is wearing a white t shirt with a patterned unbuttoned button-down over it, dangly earrings, and a septum ring. Her hair is up in a loose bun and she is looking at the camera and smiling.

Noelle de la Paz is a writer, artist, and all-around storyteller. Her work attempts to visibilize and interrogate girlness, brownness, languaging, and movements through borders, real and imagined. Based in NYC, she has been published in Newtown Literary, Elastic Magazine, Burdock Media, and elsewhere, and has received support from Brooklyn Poets, VONA, and the Queens Council for the Arts.