The Poetry Project


Tobi Kassim

When you said portal

And i thought of streetlights

I wanted that elevation

I thought, that beacon blurring

The perimeters of a circle

Without softening, there was

Chrome in it and I bristled

Blinded. It drew me out

Without inner promise

There are lighthouses and

There are lit houses

From inside I’m always

Recessed in deep opacities

How long have I been

Posted at this window

That I never saw the rebound

Hard light off half reflections

Caught me in its snuffed

Attempt at a real distance

I can’t access that far enough

Gridded in bridges of window

Straight through the neighbor

Chimneys taken up past the visible

The weak absorbency of these orbs

Hardening outside the glass

Help me find higher occasions

To hold off the dark

For reflections off disappearance

Lamps sinking earthward.

Work from Architecture of the Interior: how to save the house with Angel Dominguez