The Poetry Project

Quarantine: Sunday, August 9, 2020, 2:30 AM: Waiting for moonrise

Marc Solomon

Empty as distraction
The room occupies itself
In relaying the hum
Of neighboring rooms:
The renters settling into half-tones,
The building
Objecting to the diminuendo
Erupts with cracks,
Thumps, relentless drips,
Exaggerating the fitful
Sameness of each unit
To the others.

Bumps snicker and bumble,
Uninvited commentators on contrariety.
How rapidly the residents
Have turned to ceaseless performances
Of the back and forth
Of the far and we
Of the ‘seepy seep’.

The building tears into your diction
Demanding its say:
“Others have occupied
These leaseholds before you,
Others will replace you
After your departure...
A waning moon will rise
After 3:08 A.M.
To stir your disquiet
With its unforgiving gape”.

Work from Boo: Ghosts and the Unconscious for Utopian Dreaming with Claire Donato & Adrian Shirk