The Poetry Project

As many different shapes

Ayling Zulema Dominguez

a winding poem written in an all-caps, serif font, the lines of which move across the page in lines that resemble a labyrinth. The poem reads: There weren’t always rainclouds. The very first often wondered why he felt heavy as a boulder most times. The other clouds always told him to hold his breath. To take on as many different shapes as needed.

There wasn’t always rain. Tears flowed upward to satiate the clouds. They tried. They told a story

To keep the raw and soppy shit inside. Until the first raincloud wailed. Beyond recognition. His only escape.

Through their beautiful convulsions and pains. Embellished beyond recognition to remain.

A sky that housed. Until

The sky realized that an ocean above and an ocean below could smother us. Could lead to a deluge.

Work from ClickHole Poetics Dis/Course with Alicia Mountain