The Poetry Project

One World

Teline Trần

Each section is a blurb generated from the table of contents for a collection of short stories classified as “world literature.” In its table of contents, each story title comes with its own blurb. Read this like that. My parameter is: You can take apart the sentence, but not the sentence clause.

Confucius and the VCR
shoot a prisoner:
an untouchable, a no-win situation
“decolonising the mind.”

The only sighted person is a small city.
Shrewdness is manipulated
during fieldwork
through his desire, who has become his friend.

The author interviews with a Tibetan monk —
-“You know what you are to them?”
-The survival of the human spirit.”
-“Have you found a job yet?”
-“A Dirty Job.”
-How much longer?”
-“Has no one told you?”
-“I’m at the center of the storm.”

Work from fantastic ekphrastic experiments with t’ai freedom ford