The Poetry Project

Two Poems

Tash Nikol

If i ever get lonely, in this foolish paradise

Crying time
Let it be me
Gris Gris (ted jones)
Young heart Fare thee well
You’re the only world i know
The fountains of rome bringing it all back home (bob dylan)
i knew you when the third time around
The sensitive sound of dionne warwick
An historic return
Queen of the house
High hopes
Long tail sally
Horny harrar house blues (ted jones)
Foolin’ around:
Unchained melody
For the first time two great stars
Running scared
An even bigger triumph
Never (ted jones)
im just a country boy Ramblin rose Sweet lorraine
Mama Drum (ted jones)
The new girl in school
Stormy monday girls (ted jones)
They forget ta’ fast
i still get jealous
When the ship comes
How sweet it is
Long gone lover blues (ted jones)
Whipped cream and other delights
i want a girl
Girl of my dreams
Serenade in blue
Marry young
Forgive me
i will wait for you.

A read from the news

Tyrant bubbles not rooted in any objection unapologetic since— deleted.
Relations have the right to move slowly. Nothing is done yet.
In a world where historically unreliable characters account for fair critique.
Eat more. We have to.
A place to feel, sometimes in the space of a few seconds.
Impossible to ignore. An ultimatum, if you will.
Tired repetition of the streets for no other.
Using gut paranoia to even out the proven facts.
This line of rhetoric, the oldest form of bigotry,
“thank you for telling me strange ruminations about death.”

Work from fantastic ekphrastic experiments with t’ai freedom ford