The Poetry Project

Five Poems

E V Starkey

The Afternoon

The afternoon I danced naked with you
I will always remember,
the afternoon,
our bodies orbiting, sun and moon,
music hovering between my eyebrows,
the way you moved,
the way the light danced on your poster,
the street sounds below,
your hair,
my hair,
your arm barely touching me,

Don’t Even Think

Resist is such a simple
But to comply
And again?
The question of why
Is itself a wall
A fight
A right to know
The insistence of order
The Files
Hospital equipment
You dare feign confusion?
Resistance is an empty bed.
Get into the ambulance or I’ll have to restrain you.
It’s that simple.

How I Like It

Kiss forehead first
Kiss between brows
Bruise eyelids
Touch temples, twice.

Kiss cheeks in to out
Run finger down nose
Sweep wisp of hair
Brush rim of left ear.

Look me in the eye
Tell me why without a word
See parted lips are yours
Kiss slow slow no pause.

Kiss deep
Full smash and pressure
Melt mouth lick teeth
Lash tongue with fire
Kiss until I weep.

Kiss and lift me high
Press nose to chest
Drink scent of burning skin
Kiss aching lips again.

Wind hair round wrist
Stroke line of nape
Kiss arching throat
Kiss until I cry like wind.

For this is how I like it
Up down light slow
Soft deep fast strong
Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss all night long.

All Versions Welcome

I wish I could dry-clean myself
Or click undo then pop up like an advertisement - hey it’s the new me! 1,2,3!
Oh wait!
Redo. Repeat. Delete.
At what point is the new new me me at all?
Can you give back all my old edits?
I’m making a collage.
Archival paper.
Storage unit.
Grandma’s attic.

The Why of What.

Whose house is this?
And she flipped him over.
Making love is a timeless, spaceless, wasteless exercise
or an act of beauty.
Fall down the rabbit hole.

Work from The Circle Room: the presence of touch in the five stages of life with Georgia Wall, The Ceremonialist