The Poetry Project

Poems from Radii

Tessa Bolsover

long waves the eye / receives at dusk / a sort of kinship / among stones (alive) / unfurl themselves / from inside earth
soft metals in chthonic boundary. ash / moths return to body, leaf as / basil, thyme. descend four days on silent / raft in creaking flood. loose sleeves / stream downwind
night buzzes with thousands of tiny / breakages. apricot left open drawers / shifting. correspondence cased in paper / made with rainwater. intoning siphons, / bullfrogs. labor lifted from the earth / to join in symbol’s pitch
reach downward into. clay, roots, un- / crushed ochre, ray of light disintegrates / in transit. Joan’s jaw winds in thought / as though she’s eating. zip-lock / bag of lenses twofold / surface shimmers / in & out of form & loss itself
in the morning there were semblances. dew stops the edge in secret / thickness. dawn breaks with more decision light. woodblock horizon line how / voices thread the air with momentary fissures

#265 — Summer 2021