The Poetry Project

Marwa Helal

for nearly a century, she lived. and in that time she gave us one of the most expansive, radiant, and expressive bodies of work of any artist. i dreamed of the distinct textures of her paintings. her paintings which were symbols and horizons without horizon.

she showed us how to travel through language unscathed… into the ocean into space. her symbols will remain etched on our psyches like hieroglyphs. of course, she would journey at a time when the collective unconscious, our collective body, is being rewritten. and this is how i know we are in good hands.

she taught us how to outgrow limiting and problematic beliefs by writing, painting, growing, and living around them, or inside them; whichever the constraints required. and what a life she made for herself within those ludicrous constraints.

she has gone now to the limitless. to become more of what one is. i hope the view of the sea is as beautiful from there as it is here, etel. i am painting with you.

Etel Adnan Remembrances