The Poetry Project

three poems


Green is for Girl 

Because i’m Black
My favorite Color’s
How queer Color
Is. my hue is Everything but


it just seems like you’ve got a sense of humor.
i can’t help but read into your sleepy winks.

i think you’re so cute. especially
when rubbing your butt
on the pinecone i picked just for you.

cold-blooded, you sometimes
pick at my offerings
kale, collards, arugula even

why does that bother you

, i wish you’d ask.
i just wanna break bread
with you.
and when i do
when i emerge, loopy and triumphant

from your bowlpuddle, doc 
will you finally tell me 
what glints your dark 
eyes like such laughter? we’ll cackle 
together and wait.. (50) 
                                  ((half>> of my shoulders pressed to your shell 

xxxxx..for the sun -lamp to shut us
xxxxxxxxxxxaway from the dazzling
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdaylight spectrum >>>>>>>>>> into hazy less separate colors of night


nights spent falling sleep. nights spent smoking the black back 
wood eyelids. nights spent entering and exiting 
star systems; nights of punctuated dark.

red dwarf nights. nights of event
xhorizon evitability. nights of monitored sadness.
time/wrinkles//where once was a smile/\the first time a woman called you joyless.



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnights i was
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa hollow



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfrom the lips of an ape.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnights coarse and dark kink your


no matter what’s said
it’s easily misconstrued.
each dictionary of body
xxxxxxxlanguage is a big open field. there is no reason to remind myself—on the el, going one way or the other, flipping through a stolen magazine, i’m sure no one will mind, reading a borrowed book—apathy’s any old tone!
xxxxxxxanything works¡ all colors have the same number of hues>>>>>specific…images are an ecstatic waste of time’ for a vague reason, i think

my life is brief it ends 
quickly and soon it won’t 
matter if i 
reconsider so let’s T_T i don’t care that i feel like a Rubik’s cube 
       neglected, that i’m a puzzle to myself and low on stamina wishing it weren’t such a challenge. there’s a bird on the train with my neck, face, and breasts. you wish i’d tire of 
complaining and i’m tired of complaining. i got shit to do; call the doctor, the doctor, the doctor; use the foam roller; meditate more or at all, whichever; dip your fingers carefully in ea ch fo od gr ou proportionately;;;;do yoga; stretch in the morniiiiinggggg;;;; stretch after you showweeerrrrr; do pilates for your cooooo 
oooore; use those joints regularly; smoke a lot and eat! eat psychedelics in small unregulated doses; you could’ve been a doctor. 
       a doctor. consider therapy.

these are the daily musings.
xxxxxxxby night put either mind or body
on moon mode
so the calls don’t go thru.

sleep in the other.
we’ll all wake in pain.
and we don’t wanna work.
xxxxxxxmeaning closing

eyes waking at a table, pretending to be a desk
xxxxxxx-compatible human~ if i lower the chair
my feet soak~ in simulate-lavender seas
xxxxxo.o i am slouching the work

without will. it’s commitment
xxxxxxxor something






xxxxxxxxxxix) (
xxxxxxxxxx\ or /
xxxxxxxxxa brain’s
xxxxxxx— a bug’s —
xxxxxxxxxxx/ \ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ¡ ¡ ¡
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmy thoughts
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhave more purpose <
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthan reason
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! ! !

#268 – Spring 2022