The Poetry Project

#30 — December 1975

- Letter from the Editor
- Events & Announcements: Readings; Book Publications, Here and There; News
- Poems: Morphology of Goodbye by Bill Zavatsky
- Reviews: Harry Lewis reviews Bill Zavatsky's theories of rain and other poems (Sun, NY, 1975); Alan Davies reviews Kenneth Koch's The Art of Love (Vintage Books, 1975); Verlaine Boyd reviews Joseph Heller's Something Happened (Ballentine); Richard Elman on The Collected Books of Jack Spicer (Black Sparrow, ed. Robin Blaser)
- Features: "Excerpt from Letter to Allan Ginsberg about recent Robert Creeley Reading" by Reza Baraheni; "Poetic Income" by Tony Towle; "The Meaning of Meaninglessness: The Poetry of John Ashbery" (Excerpt) by David Shapiro; Footnote to Kaplan on Schubert by Tony Towle; "Dear Sir or Madam" by Ed. Baynard; "The Learned Hand Submits" by L. Hand
- Editor: Ted Greenwald

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