The Poetry Project

#5—April 1973

Events: At 98 Greene St. Loft: Solo readings Ted Berrigan, Kenward Elmslie, Charles Plymell, Johnny Stanton, Lewis MacAdams, Anne Waldman, Ted Greenwald, Bill Berkson, Allan Appel, and Michael Brownstein, series organized by Ted Greenwald, and a production of Dick Gallup's The Bingo. At Far Gallery: Robert Dash's GARDEN lithograph series, with lines from the unpublished notebooks of James Schuyler, April 17-May 15. At Marlborough-Gerson: Larry Rivers, March 24-April 14
Announcements: Poets Foundation grants awarded to Patrick Nolan, Lewis Warsh, Charles North, Peter Schjeldahl, and Gerrit Henry
Readings: Robert and Bobbie Creeley; Anselm Hollo; Lee Harwood abd Michael Horowitz; Edwin Denby and Katie Mitchell; Bill Zavatsky and Phillip Lopate
Book publications: The Calculus of Variation, Diane di Prima (Berkeley, 1972); Listen to the Mockingbird: Satiric Songs to Tunes You Know, Tuli Kupferberg (Mockingbird Press, New York, 1973); The Right Way to Figure Plumbing (The Basilisk Press, Minneapolis, 1972); The Orchid Stories, Kenward Elmslie (Doubelday-Paris Review Editions, New York, 1973)
Magazine and periodical publications: Unnatural Acts #2, ed. Bernadette Mayer and Ed Friedman; POETRYFLASH Bay Area monthly newsletter; The World, issue 26, available at the Project; Gay Sunshine, issue 17; The Ant's Forefoot 10, dedicated to Robert Desnos' Night of Loveless Nights, as translated and illustrated by Lewis Warsh, ed. David Rosenberg.
Calls and requests: Konglomerati, for submissions and subscribers; Mona da Vinci, for a publisher and/or gallery for conceptual work in taped or typed form
Editor: Ron Padgett

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