The Poetry Project

#1 — December 1972

Events : Two George Schneeman exhbitions (Holly Solomon Loft, Fischbasch Gallery); Poetry Project office open 1-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and other random times
Announcements: Winner of the Frank O'Hara Award for Poetry (John Koethe)
Readings: Charles Reznikoff; Nicanor Parra (bilingual reading); Sonia Sanchez; Robert Kelley
Book Publications: Smack, Tom Clark (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1972); Two Suspicious Girls, Katie Mitchell, aka Katie Schneeman and Tessie Mitchell (Grove Press/Zebra Books, New York, 1973); Part of My History, Lewis Warsh (Coach House Books, Toronto, 1972); Mrs. W's Last Sandwich, Edwin Denby (Horizon Press, New York, 1972)
Magazine and periodical publications: The Attic Sentinel; new issue of The World forthcoming January 1973; L magazine, issue 1; Big Sky, issue 4
Workshops: Bernadette Mayer workshop (Tuesdays); Steve Malmude workshop (Thursdays); Lorenzo Thomas workshop (Fridays)
Bookstores and booksellers: Compendium Bookshop, London (Nick Kimberly)
Editor: Ron Padgett

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