The Poetry Project

Cat Tyc

Your Preferred Platform

To your point
I feel like
It is important
To negotiate space
From this world’s

To avoid
Is nothing short of a violence

To filter
Is the solution
Of the obvious

To develop
A stomach
For the lies & delusions
Of the self aggrandizers

Is the act
Of revolution
To position
In relation
To every side.

I can’t see you
But I know
You are here.

I feel it.

You have been
Hanging around
Since I got here

I wish I could
See your face
Look into your eyes

And when
The world

You disappeared.

Two fold.

I am alone again.

The circus
Left town
Possibly never
To be heard
From again.


People aren’t television
shows us
how the real shit
Gets worked out
Even in reality
Everything is staged

One has to manage
Projecting one’s expectations
Onto others
And then negating
Them the time
To understand
Is in itself
Its own form of myopia

Hence why
So little trust
For those
Who are close
To their family

Saying everything
Is going to be fine
When we all know
The planet is broken
Like opening one’s
In reaction to disconnect
Will be the panacea

You listen with your ear
And feel with your eyes

Lying to yourself
Even when you’re not

Word to the Wise

And its
A no brainer
Bitch Slayer
Wants to airdrop
You photos
On the subway
You just say

Issue 16