The Poetry Project

my window faces south / under the hummingbird

Lee Ann Brown

my window faces south

under the hummingbird

to the west the cattle are lowing
under the sunset and the guys
working on the house down the ridge
are hooting it up in a call & response

southwest of here are two turkey
vultures or buzzards circling — i read
of a little boy who loved them so
much he would play dead in the field
in order to attract them, binoculars
made of paper towel rolls

why do the cows bellow at eventide
why do the men do it too?
letting off steam after a long day of building
i hear packs of dogs or coyotes in the
mornings over the east side ridge
where the water flows down

to the south there is a branch where
the hummingbird sets after it visits
the sugar feeder

to the north i see three oaks and
between them a simple platform treehouse
I need to visit now that it’s
finally warm under the sonar cardinals

Work from “To hear all the sky and the map”: Lines of Mapping