The Poetry Project

#78 — December 1980

- Readings
- Announcements
- Poems: Guess Who? and Untitled by Rose Lesniak; Sonnet Flanders Road by Bernadette Mayer; Given To Ailing by Lewis Warsh.
- Books and Magazines Received
- Reviews: Awkward Song by Jim Hanson; No One Here Gets Out Alive, New Wilderness Letter #8, Each Next: Narratives by Jim Brodey; In February I Think by Michael Scholnick; Illegal Assembly by Chris Kraus; Oakland by Pat Nolan.
- Essays: The Second International Festival of the Poets by Barbara Barg; Mayor-to-be Speaks by Elinor Nauen; Report From London: Poetry Olympics (September 25, 1980) by Michael Scholnick.
- Reading Recommendations: By Greg Masters.
- Editor: Greg Masters

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