The Poetry Project

#83 — May 1981

- Readings
- Announcements
- Poems: My System by Anne Waldman; Do-Si-Do and Freight by Gary Lenhart; Detective Show by Vincent Katz; Poem, Squib, and Marion by Alice Notley; Poem by Steve Levine; EVERYBODY SLEEPS IN BLUE SATIN SHEETS/LIKE CUCUMBERS IN A BOX OF SNOW by Bernadette Mayer; Pretty Vomit and She (Getting It Elsewhere) or Edwin Denby: A Complaint by Bob Rosenthal; Poem by Daniel Krakauer; Collage Dream by Lorna Smedman; A E S T H E T I C  D I S T A N C E S by Allan Kornblum; Poem and Pray by Rochelle Kraut; Totem Pole by Paul Violi; Poem by Yuki Hartman; The Chelsea by Helena Hughes; Lubitsch Lullaby by Ron Padgett; Green Eggplants by Elio Schneeman; Alligator Feathers by Nellie Villegas; Second Voice by Peter Schjeldahl; Foot on Pedal by Tom Weigel; Short Prose Piece For Curtis Silwa by Carl Solomon; Cyril by Simon Pettet; McBottlesDrop and Home and HORSEFEATHERS by John Godfrey; from Journals by Ed Friedman; Some More by Eileen Myles; Same Old Ode by Rose Lesniak; Mists & Exhalations by Lewis Warsh; Thirty-Five Pence by Michael Scholnick; Also and Well by Susie Timmons; Found In My Notebook One Morning by Bob Holman; from All in All by Jeff Wright; "You gave too much." by Cliff Fyman; Providence and Poem by Steve Carey; Shelley and Another New Old Song by Ted Berrigan; Velvet Roses by James Schuyler.
- Books and Magazines Received
- Reviews: Hearts in Space by Pat Nolan; Nathaniel Hawthorne in his Times by Bernadette Mayer; Les Mamelles De Tiresias by Tom Savage; Wax Lips by Barbara Holland; Little Books/Indians by BarBara Barg; 4 Plays By Edwin Denby by Clive Notley.
- Editor: Greg Masters

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