The Poetry Project

Nate Keen

image is a grainy black and white photo collage; featured center is a child running toward the camera, smiling, beside them is a small play house. Large round bushes appear in the background. Overlaid the image are silhouettes of dragons of varying degrees of greyscale and transparency.
Cockroach Being Eaten By Ants © Nate Keen

Anarchists Anonymous

Once a day, I attend a meeting of anarchists
Though they would never believe you if you told them that.
They are a small group of people with only the humblest of ambitions.
They ask you to only listen to what you hear,
And only believe in something of your own understanding.
No experts established us,
We were originally formed from the mud
And went on to teach the experts a thing or two.
Expenses for rent and coffee and cleaning products,
That’s why we pass the basket.
And when you speak everyone listens.
And you are expected to be honest,
Radically honest,
And to form honest relationships,
And to tell the truth even if it means going to prison for 20 years.
No they definitely aren’t anarchists.
But they will tell you to watch out for one another,
Don’t shoot the wounded.

Bird on Wire

When I see them
I follow.
They know
all the best places to go.
They know where to take a fellow.
They point the way home.

By the freeway,
Is a kingdom.
In a storm drain,
Is a throne.
In my pocket,
There is mercy.
In my pocket,
Is a stone.

Issue 17