The Poetry Project

Alisha Mascarenhas

Risking suspense

Le désir c’est la connaissance différée, mais rendue visible déjà dans
l’impatience du suspens où elle se tient.

Michel Foucault, « Leçons sur la volonté de savoir »
                    “Lectures on the Will to Know”

Desire is knowledge deferred, but made visible in the impatience 
    of the suspense in which it is held.


In the morning’s light I am out
ahead of myself
I’m trembling at the shore
to keep the rush
that permanence betrays
ripple in the cloud
ceiling of my thinking.

Impatient is my mouth
yet I remain suspended
far from the weight
of any certainty
I float in doubt
ce qui s’offre à soi dans la présence des choses1
what offers itself to you in the presence of things.

This instant that bears no
identity, between two shores
a gravitation    a fault
I’m seduced by the indeterminate
space of its event.
I shut the door to claim this place
called my body, my breath
all caught up in my throat
the innocent drama of my longing.

I trace a ring around my desire
it emanates a knowing light
artificial enclosure.

The thick darkness of the
forest enters the periphery
of my dreams
passive imaginary:

I’m climbing a stairwell
metal exposure to the lightning storm at the
shore, my knuckles wet
my movements quick + determined.

Time passes like a bird
all prior locutions being fallible
in their sincerity
past + future converge in the
current of now
the hour of meditation
on the magic of the line
cast out to the water. 


  1. Anne Dufourmantelle, Éloge du risque

Issue 20