The Poetry Project

tilghman goldsborough


,,hot dust from rodney’s cooled by fresh plums
picked from paint bucket parked by bloody blue

grey tile wood panel big mirror floor

clay coloured village thousand miles from addis
breathtaking beauty cracked w sadness
these valleys are craters packed w absence

a haunting cold breath is gasping down neck

frightening animistic connection
negating enlightened logic
them cracks spewing renee’s reasons

them cracks spewing renee’s reasonsxxxxxxxxxx ::

them cracks spewing renee’s reasonsxxxxxxxxxx ::xxxxfetid mists of
them cracks spewing renee’s reasonsxxxxxxxxxx ::xxxWaste

delicate drops marking w musk
me in my v own religious red headdress

them cracks spewing renee’s reasonsxxxxxxxxxxx hard n plastic

stuck in iron bars of greene chicken garden
chasing the crickets who sing in my dreams
green pants red vests white gloves blue hats

a minced oath

packaged in pouches pointy straw punctured
formerly flat now crunched w crinkles
cross purple muscle throbbing & squirting

covered in end of trepan drip
cored cranium swung in a circle
third grade tornado trapped in a bottle
blue water spitting idle grey chunks

a complete corpus clenching
imitation of climax
body in motion
imitation of climabarking voz alta
under electric blue ::
raspberry flashes strobing spotted ornj ;—

stop 2 make a moment ::

an offering 2 the sun & (th’) moon , 2 th’ Ground & gravity,—

universal webnet holding us down
caressing faces /

universal webnet holdicrushing lungs /
an offering 2 the sun & (th’) moon , 2 th’ Groconnecting everyone w
an offering 2 the sun & (th’) moon , 2 th’ Grpersistent touch

nappy nodes weaving fabric of reality
clear quilt covering stench /
nappy nodes weaving fabric of resettling in new amsterdam ::

death dance returning over horizon

full body flex /
death dae returgasping jackknife

pulling slow to quick w taffy-like motion
as i gobble raw frog w bootyspoon

while galloping in green
headed downtown
battered body /
while galloping in greeleaking pus
dripping salt,,wrung from koch bridge
dermis brushed w lye for crispy brown skin

sweet like a jersey peach
or , hot bag of brownies melting ziploc 2 credenza

dip spit gatorade warming in back seat
hot topping for frozen waffle product ::

main course 4 fully balanced breakfast
seated human , nibbling golden edge
on the day he turned atom ::

hairy element,,floating in space
contraption 2 carry liquids
smeared w fatty duck liver
during dinner @ Damascus

gray gremlins /
during dinner @ Damadressed as human men /
grab a kid off the street & pin him 2 the wall
long thin needles thru fleshy part of wrist

buried overland

concrete makes sure u can’t touch The Ground
keeps yr feet from Mother /
concrete makes sure u can’t touchhealing power packed into arches
rather left hanging /
concrete makes sure u can’txtoes dangling

(in) sof’ stress position 4 public 2 witness
black boxes turned 2 plastic turret

Issue 20