The Poetry Project



“I wouldn’t mind being diminished one caress at a time” —Stephen Dunn

we patter excitedly on abt gus van sant

jibber-jabber abt how good maggie looks in that bodysuit

shining brilliantly then doused in green flames

w/ u i know feast & famine, probably in equal parts

repulse bay & passports up-to-date

we’re impatient abt something

wanting to push the hair outta ur eyes, exchanging looks deep as tortilla

fast forward to the part where we sleep together

whenever ur in a hurry to leave, throwing up a peace sign

i tell myself ur off to masturbate

despite all evidence to the contrary

say “n” & mean nicholas, ur bum knee

carry ur skeleton but don’t catch ur name

—guide me —i’ll bring him home in a box!

Issue 20