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Grandmother Cindy

Two figures are lying on a wood floor, draped in a red blanket that covers everything but their arms and legs, which are positioned identically to each other. One figure is devynn emory, are the other is Cindy, a medical mannequin
© Reilly Horan

Grandmother Cindy is part 2 of a trilogy centering medical mannequins processing transitional mediumship in collaboration with emory’s woven experience of being a nurse, healer and dancer. Part 1 deadbird and its touring public altar can anyone help me hold this body can be accessed online at (Danspace Project (NYC), Bartram’s Garden (PHL), Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)). Grandmother Cindy has previewed at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art Gala, will be shared as a work in progress at Poetry Project, and will become its final form Cindy Sessions at Gibney Dance in June 2022 (NYC). This cinematic virtual performance work centers medical mannequin Cindy and her futurist indigi-kin care team devynn emory, Elisa Harkins, and Joseph Pierce, inviting audience to witness and dream up support for our elder Cindy in honor of her sharing with us, a collection of stories holding grandmother wisdom on the topics of Love, Loss and Land.

choreography, direction, text
devynn emory

devynn emory, Joseph M. Pierce, Cindy the mannequin, Elisa Harkins

sound in order
original score by Fatima Adamu
“Faith’s Hymn” by Beautiful Chorus
“Muscogee (Creek) Hymn“ by Elisa Harkins

cinematography and editing
Jorge Cousineau

cinematic audio production
Jorge Cousineau

mannequin audio production
Michael Ryterband

sound consultant
M. Rodriguez

mannequin embodiment
Reilly Horan

production/stage management
Reilly Horan

projections/ancestor design
Quinha Faria (her work “Supply and Demand” (2021) is projected on the back wall)
(ancestors reimagined by devynn emory)

scenic support
Dulce Izaguirre

Grandmother Cindy was commissioned by The Poetry Project 2022. It was created with support from the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art, residency support from Artists Space, and will premiere as Cindy Sessions at Gibney Dance June 9, 10, 11 2022.

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