The Poetry Project


Liminal Letters: 10-Session Workshop with Desiree C. Bailey

How does the poet write at the threshold –– of language, country, dream? What might it mean to write in the liminal forced by coloniality, occupation, exile? In this 10-week course, we’ll gather to think through books of poetry that approach these questions. We’ll also write and talk through our own poems-fragments-musings, with attention to our experiences of the liminal, and with respect for our particular processes and concerns.


  • A Theory of Birds by Zaina Alsous
  • Cutlish by Rajiv Mohabir
  • eat salt | gaze at the ocean by Junie Désil
  • Eyes Bottle Dark With a Mouthful of Flowers by Jake Skeets
  • Ghost Letters by Baba Badji

Note: The books are relatively short, and we’ll have two weeks to read each. Please consider ordering them through your local bookstore or library.