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The Haunted Feminist Reading Group

Mirene Arsanios explains: "To write about the ghost consists in interrogating the architecture of our separations, to produce language that can speak to our spiritual interdependence without denying our modernity." How then can we as readers enter into a sharper awareness of this cycle of spiritual interdependence, from ghost to writer, from writer to reader, from reader to ghost? We'll begin from the notion that reading is always a kind of haunting, perhaps most especially when we read as feminists, which is to say with particular attunement to the intersections both hidden and plain, and with particular disregard for constructed binaries such as "living" and "dead."

In the Haunted Feminist Reading Group, we will reflect on love and grief, spirits and justice, historical memory, and other present spectors, guided by Dodie Bellamy, Hélène Cixous, Avery Gordon, Erica Hunt, Kim Hyesoon, Akilah Oliver, W.G. Sebald, and Prageeta Sharma.

This Reading Group will be facilitated by The Poetry Project’s Program Director, Laura Henriksen