The Poetry Project


Lix Z

getting rdy ♢ not being rdy ♢ but walking out the door ♢ partying + being outside ♢ is divine ♢ is a high on ♢"crushing means always more affiliations"1 ♢ so crush on the way i walk in leather ♢ crush on severe shoulder pads ♢ crush crush ♢ tied up in conversations ♢ crush on the text "yr invited" ♢ invite yr crush ♢ r u rdy? ♢ everyone's crushing on each other so everyone is invited ♢ tessellated friends in the back seat ♢ 

eating champagne mango w salt honey lime cayenne ♢ let the flesh melt in my mouth ♢ intimate accumulation ♢ i needed to feel my own nerves come alive ♢ the spectrum of light cut across plastic cups ♢ smiles of friends erupt over faces ♢ wind pull hair ♢ rabbits revealing the portal ♢ mischief in our eyes ♢ gold bubbles foaming up in the glass like a gel pen exploding across a page ♢ inky words of affection ♢ like lover's fingers ♢ you know i believe in the ferocity of love ♢ life is literally too short not to ♢ i hold all my lovers close ♢ for better or for worse ♢ a love that shifts and puckers and expands and morphs and oscillates and reverberates + i still can't find the words but it changes me ♢ it is a boundlessness shared ♢ "selves being"2 ♢ dancing enveloped in ♢ dusted in dirt sparkling drifting beneath swaying and jumping ♢ 

our legs are bolt cutters ♢ snapping chain link fences we crawl thru ♢ lip of overlap ♢ double backflip ♢ fuck covers for underground parties ♢ break in renegade redistribute redefine space + who it is for ♢ what queer community taught me ♢ to carve out spaces even in scarcity + redistribute abundances ♢ what queer community taught me ♢ running flowing water to enact movement of thought ♢ like contorting in mesh ♢ twds deregulating categories of intimacy ♢ melt melt friendship 

♢ collective acts of defiance: tax evasion, protest, burning a police station, burning the american flag and the israeli flag together, public sex, abolitionist pride, covering yr laptop camera, kissing yr friends ♢ no index can contain this ♢"tax evasion, it's not just for the rich"3 ♢ and yet i still paid my taxes this year ♢ cue spin out at a mcdonald's in pennsylvania ♢ cue tax dollars funneled into biden's $735 million plan to fund israeli military weapons ♢ and no spin out can stop that ♢ this ceasefire is a siphon ♢ heightened money media murder ♢ as israel denies Palestine vaccines ♢ and the us patrols who is vaccinated and who is not ♢ with limiting distribution in devastation ♢ the fascist govt enacts violence on every level ♢ 

and in queer community we read and study together to sharpen our tools for action ♢ the power and agency of imagination ♢ the cusp of what to put into language ♢ or not ♢ vast vast ♢ interlocking expansive ♢ the logic of infinity, the practice of a blockade, the forms of mosaics sprawling from one subway station to the next ♢ promising a ~to be continued~ ♢ we won't stop

1 Becca Teich

2 Arca 

3 Death Drop

Work from We Are How We Live: Collectivity & Care In & Beyond the Household with Rebecca Teich