The Poetry Project

memo: waft of/ some webs/ linguistics

Amanda Monti

Notebook spread. Left page: Photo of root system with a green tint taped in the center. Along the bottom, the sentence: "Queer - transness as a commitment that's simply not possible w/o care web. Right page: The page reads "Hil Malatino / after / math care refusal / Care web / a care web works when is not exploitative, appropriative, or alienate / a queer & trans web has no center." There is a geometric drawing of a web in blue pen, and at the bottom in pink highlighter it says "community = reweaving"
Notebook spread. Left page: This page says "Tiana Reid, 'It's so boring / not to have a crush on anyone." "The intimacy of accumulating pleasures DEREGULATING CATEGORIES of friends, lovers, amorous, paper." Right page: This sheet has four lavender watercolor cloud shapes of varying sizes, and lines of little circles drawn in pen, like elliptical fireworks. Scattered across the page it says, "What is actually sustaining" "weeds" "crushes" "wanderings" "play"
Notebook spread. Left page: In large hand drawn bubble letters this page reads, "Waft of my helpless musk" Right page: In large hand drawn bubble letters this page reads, "Lavender Linguistics"

Work from We Are How We Live: Collectivity & Care In & Beyond the Household with Rebecca Teich