The Poetry Project

#134--October-November 1989

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Editor: Tony Towle


  • "Last Confessions of a Member of the Committee for International Poetry" by Bob Rosenthal
  • "An Inclusion of Vectors Inexplicable to Syntax" by Marjorie Perloff
  • "Panel Discussion: Ted Berrigan's Sonnets" by Joel Lewis
  • "Future Is Now" by Yuki Hartman
  • "Energy" by Mark Yanofsky
  • "Censorship and the NEA" by Allen Ginsberg
  • "Elegy for Will" by Maureen Owen

Book Reviews:

  • Collected Poems by Phillip Larkin; reviewed by Tom Clark
  • Sonnets by Bernadette Mayer; reviewed by Joel Lewis
  • Broadway 2, A Poets and Painters Anthology edited by James Schuyler and Charles North; reviewed by Michael Koenigsberg
  • Air Pocket by Kimiko Hahn; reviewed by Vijay Seshadri


  • "?!" by Shu Ting
  • "Night of Creation" by Jiang He
  • "March" by Gong Liu
  • "Women on St." by Sparrow
  • "Love & Language" by Tom Clark
  • "Good Dog" by Mike Topp
  • "Will" by Jeff Wright
  • "What's Wrong With this Picture?" by Billy Collins
  • "A Wonderful Day" by Elinor Nauen
  • "Joe Hill" and "Life in a Northern Town" by Steve Carey
  • "Latitude" and "Map Country" by Will Bennett
  • "In Memory of Joe Ceravolo" by Ben Friedlander & Stephen Rodefer
  • "Dream Poem" by Robert Edwards


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