The Poetry Project

#136--February-March 1990

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Editor: Tony Towle


  • "Edwin's Last Day" by Rudy Burckhardt
  • "If Workshop" by Hannah Weiner
  • "Remebering Love" by Susan Cataldo

Book Reviews:

  • Collected Poems by John Berryman; reviewed by Tom Clark
  • Surface Tension by Elaine Equi; reviewed by Joel Lewis
  • Poetry and Narrative in Poetics by Douglas Oliver; reviewed by Jack Collom
  • Sung Sex by Kenward Elmslie and Joe Brainard; reviewed by Tom Savage
  • Emergency Messages: An Autobiographical Miscellany by Carl Solomon; edited and with a foreword by John Tytell


  • "Printer's Error" and "Always" by Larry Zirlin
  • "Why I Teach Yoga" by Ravi Singh
  • "Uptown D" and "The Latest Theory" by Ellen Carter
  • "Vive La Difference" by Sparrow
  • "Dance Fever" by Bill Kushner
  • "Treasure of the Sierra Hudson" by Vicki Hudspith
  • "The Great American Novel, Chapter 5" by Stephen Ratcliffe
  • "Architecture" by Mike Topp


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